György Scheibl:
Drei Musketiere. Zur semantischen Behandlung von indefiniten Nominalphrasen mit Numeralien. Teil II.

The aim of this paper is a semantic analysis of the indefinite nominal phrases with numerals like drei Musketiere.
The article includes two main parts. In part one I seek to give a semantic description of nominal predicates, their referential properties and the role of the numerals. Part two concentrates on the semantic treatment of NumNPs of the type drei Musketiere.
The main part of the discussion is the question about syntactic category and sem¬an¬tic function of the numerals. Two different approaches will be presented: the numerals-as-quantifiers- and the numerals-as-adjectives-approach. I will argue for the second one and explain the so-called Quantity-Predicate-Hypothesis as proposed by Heim and others, which treats numerals as cardinal predicates on nominals.

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