Máté Tóth:
Das Problem der Abgrenzung der Metonymie von der Metapher

The problem of distinguishing metaphor from metonymy has been puzzling the cognitive linguistic literature for years. In spite of the numerous differences between the two phenomena their similarities and interconnectedness are constantly pointed out and subjected to thorough examinations (Barnden 2010). This paper focuses on figurative expressions which resist a rigid categorization as metaphors or metonymies. I analyze instances of figurative language in three partially concurring theoretical frameworks (Radden 2002, Barcelona 2003, Warren 2002, 2004, 2006) and investigate the descriptive force of these approaches. My aim is to reconstruct how they describe borderline cases and to identify the criteria they have proposed for the distinction between metaphor and metonymy. My paper does not intend to reach an ultimate solution to the problem of distinction. The objective of my analyses is rather to explore and formulate possible questions a theory should answer if its aim is to distinguish metaphor from metonymy.

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