Supplement 1 (2011)

Studies in Semiotic Textology in Honour of János S. Petőfi / Edited by Mauro Giuffrè

Semiotic Textology: the theory

Mauro Giuffrè: Introduction
Mauro Giuffrè: How did Text Research lead to Semiotic Textology?     Weiter »
Salvatore Alessandro Scibetta: Theoretical core of Semiotic Textology. A review of the main theoretical aspects of János Sándor Petőfi’s theory     Weiter »

Semiotic Textology applied to texts of several kinds

Mauro Giuffrè: Demosthenes and the Greek Oral Culture in the framework of Semiotic Textology. An application of János Sándor Petőfi’s theory to Classical Greek Literature     Weiter »
Margarita Borreguero Zuloaga: Die semiotische Textologie von János S. Petőfi: ein theoretischer Rahmen für die Analyse von Comic Strips     Weiter »
Edit Dobi & István Károly Boda: About the representation of text sentences in Semiotic Textology     Weiter »


Luciano Vitacolonna: Selective Bibliography of János Sándor Petőfi’s Works     Weiter »