Leslaw Cirko:
Überlegungen zur Textsortenspezifik des Beispiels

In the present article, the thesis has been posed that the example in a grammar book composes a distinct text form. Having explained the basic terms used in the present work (text, text sort, rule, and example), the author discusses the features, which distinguish the example from other texts. These are specific contextual linkage, specific function in the process of communication and lack of content determination.
The essence of contextual linkage is that the example forms the other, apart from the rule, obligatory part of a larger whole in the structure of a workbook, called “the didactic segment”. The example plays ancillary functions in relation to the rule (confirmation of the rule, completion of the rule, making the rule readable or refuting the rule). Another discussed feature of the example which decides about its distinctiveness among other text sorts is lack of content determination: the author of the example is completely free to choose the motif in which he is going to communicate the example. The above argument proves that the example can be considered a distinct text sort.

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