Orsolya Farkas:
L1-bedingte Prozesse der rezeptiven Satzverarbeitung in der Fremdsprache und deren Konsequenzen für die Lesedidaktik

The present study reports on the results of an empirical research series, the aim of which was to expose the fundamental differences in the receptive strategies of Hungarian and Dutch learners of German. The contrastive research deals primarily with the following questions: i) how do advanced learners of German handle the so called function words and punctuation marks in German during the comprehension process; ii) how do they analyze/parse sentences during a consciously employed syntactic-grammatical analysis; iii) at which stage of the processing do syntactic components on the sentence-level flow into the comprehension process. A question of vital importance besides these investigations: how do the automated, internalized processing mechanisms of the mother-tongue and the relationship of L1 and L2 influence the receptive sentence-processing.

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