Zsuzsanna Iványi & Kornélia Marinecz:
Bürgerbeteiligung – Traum oder Realität? Soziale Positionierung in Genehmigungsverfahren zur Freisetzung gentechnisch veränderter Organismen in Ungarn – ein konversationsanalytischer Ansatz (Teil 1)

The article addresses the issue of public participation and social positioning in GMO-release permitting procedures in Hungary. A sequential analysis of the corpus (primarily narrative interviews on GMOs and genetic engineering regulation and permission) is carried out and the relevant social positions outlined by the legal framing from the images of selves and others of the participants is reconstructed as they were realised during communication. We point out a substantial conflict in the positioning of the public as one of the most serious obstacles to public participation in decision-making procedures in Hungary. Finally, the paper draws two kinds of theoretically interesting conclusions. On the one hand, it shows how the linguistic analysis of the corpus may lead to generalizations concerning the dynamism of the social positioning of the public. On the other hand, it also reflects on the way this dynamism yield to the emergence of the conflict mentioned and outlines alternative possibilities of conflict-resolution.

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