Krisztina Károly:
Genre transfer strategies and genre transfer competence in translation

With the appearance of a functional approach to translation and an increasing interest in looking at it as a communicative event, the relationship between communicative purpose, discourse community and genre have become central, and considerable attention has been paid in research to the strategies translators apply in creating generic identity in translation. This study has three purposes: it (1) enumerates the discourse-level strategies translators use to preserve generic identity in translation, (2) proposes a taxonomy of “genre transfer strategies”, and (3) highlights the competences that translators need to be able to use these strategies and produce a functionally adequate target language text. It is argued that the development of genre competence and genre transfer competence in translator training is crucial as it may not only improve the quality of translations, but also helps translators make conscious choices when selecting a translation strategy and, if need be, justify their decision.

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