Nándor Csiky:
Wortfeldtheorie – theoretische und praktische Gesichtspunkte für eine differenzierte Betrachtung

This article pursues the aim to propose theoretical and practical points of view for differentiating and up-to-date consideration of the lexical field theory. It will be emphasized that the semantic structuring of lexical parts does represent the rarely recognised legitimising premise of the theory; that does not have to be identical with the encyclopedic structuring on conceptual level. However, most of the well-known initial principles of Jost Trier’s (e.g. the principle of the mutual co-determination of lexical meanings) must not be regarded as urgent constituents of the theory. A series of empirical surveys on which this article will give a lecture, paints a muddled picture about the validity of these priciples. In addition it is about the necessity that factors such as the period of the investigation or the nature of the lexical material (terminological or non-terminological lexical parts) must be brought to account estimating the practical suitability of the lexical field theory.

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