Monika Schwarz-Friesel:
Zum Status externer Evidenz in der Kognitiven Linguistik: Daten-Verarbeitung als Problem der Kompatibilität oder der Paradigmenstagnation?

The issue of data and evidence plays a crucial role in science. What counts as evidence within a theoretical framework is one of the central problems in contemporary linguistics. Although recent publications focus on the methodological problem in linguistics and highlight the essential relevance of different data types, a fundamental aspect has been ignored: the use of data by linguists. This might be one of the main reasons why the debate did not lead to a satisfactory change. The consciousness for a radical change in linguistic work is still missing. This is due to the fact that many linguistics cling to their traditional methods and ideas, ignoring the variety and diversity of data in their field. In this essay I am going to discuss some of the main problems and questions dealing with external evidence in cognitive linguistics showing that within the cognitive paradigm three different types of cognitive linguistic theories exist which function as antagonistic camps. I will illustrate that two of these camps do not doubt their basic assumptions but resist the need for methodological and theoretical openness.

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