Carmen Mellado Blanco:
Zur syntaktisch-semantischen Charakterisierung des Pertinenzdativs im Deutschen und Spanischen

Considering the lack of detailed contrastive studies German – Spanish in the field of the so-called “free datives”, the aim of this paper is to fill a gap in the literature regarding the “possessive dative” (PD). In the first chapter, I introduce the concept of PD in German and in Spanish focusing on its meaning and function and contrasting it with other major Germanic and Romance languages. In this sense, I pay special attention to the explanation of the inalienable relationship between the PD and the relational noun (1.3.). The second chapter provides a contrastive overview of semantic-syntactic studies on the actantial or not-actantial status of PD in German and Spanish. In the third and last chapter, I carry out a contrastive analysis of semantics of verbs that usually combine with PD. For this purpose I focuse on one type of correlative constructions of the PD, existing in both German and Spanish, which are characterized by having an accusative [+hum] and a locative prepositional phrase. The comparative study shows that the PD behaves similarly from the syntactic, semantic and combinatory point of view in both German and Spanish.

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