Krisztián Majoros:
Metapher und Kookkurrenz. Eine alternative “Trichter”-Methode zur korpusbasierten Untersuchung metaphorischer Ausdrücke in öffentlich zugänglichen elektronischen Zeitungskorpora am Beispiel der Wissenschaftsberichterstattung im Bereich der Zellbiologie

The present paper investigates the role of digital corpora in current research on metaphor. Digital corpora are important data sources in linguistic research that can also enhance statistically representative achievements. I propose the so called funnel method as a semi-automatic method of metaphor analysis in corpora, which I tested on a German corpus consisting of popular scientific articles of cell biology. With the help of this method I examine the knowledge transfer function of metaphors in such a way that the collection of data is not based on introspective lists of metaphorical expressions or dictionary articles, but the source of the keywords is the corpus itself. As a result, the introspective character of the research methodology can be reduced. It has been found that in metaphorical knowledge transfer in cell biology primarily technical, industrial and information-technological metaphors play the most important role; furthermore the frequency data suggest a shift of emphasis in the direction of the computer metaphor.