Krisztina Károly:
Rhetoric in translation. Research methods for a genre-oriented analysis of rhetorical structure in Hungarian–English news translation

This study proposes a methodology for a genre-oriented analysis of rhetoric in translation using Rhetorical Structure Theory (Mann & Thompson, 1986). It shows that with this method it is possible to examine the (re)creation of rhetorical structure and the degree to which functional equivalence is reached in translation. The method is demonstrated using texts from a corpus of Hungarian news stories and their English translations. The quantity and the quality of relational propositions constituting the rhetorical structure of source texts and translations are compared and the shifts of structure are identified. By subsequently complementing the rhetorical analysis with a genre-based approach (tracing the event structure of the news story), the analytical framework sheds light on the place of relational propositional shifts in discourse structure and reveals how these affect the propositional contents of the translation and thus the message conveyed.