Csilla Rákosi:
Inconsistency in two approaches to Ger­man affricates. Part 1: The Basic Inconsistency of German Affricates in Wurzel’s approach

Linguistics lacks clear methodological guidelines which could be made use of when­ever one faces a contradiction. The basic in­consistency of German affricates provides an instructive example of the problems emerging from this situation. This paper aims to reveal why Wurzel’s eclectic framework, applying both notions of struc­tura­list phonology and SPE, yields an irre­solvable incon­sistency. CV pho­nology raised the hope that the latter could be void of the shortcomings char­acterising earlier ap­proaches. The continuation of this paper, Rákosi (2014) will be devoted to the analy­­sis of Prinz & Wiese’s (1991) approach.