Csilla Rákosi:
Inconsistency in two approaches to Ger­man affricates. Part 2: The Basic Inconsistency of German Affricates in Prinz & Wiese’s approach

Irresolvable inconsistencies can often be solved within a new theoretical framework. CV pho­nology raised the hope that it could be void of the shortcomings char­acterising earlier approaches to the basic in­consistency of German affricates. Although Prinz & Wiese’s (1991) approach is clearly better from several points of view than Wurzel’s eclectic framework, the basic incon­sistency of German affricates did not become solvable within this framework, either. The reason for this is, above all, that the con­flict­ing test results could not be separated from each other satisfactorily, in a well-founded manner.