Mauro Giuffrè & Salvatore Alessandro Scibetta:
Semiotic Textology as the “Grundlagenwis­senschaft” for Philology. János S. Petőfi’s scientific inheritance

This paper is addressed to philologists and literary critics and it examines the rela­tionship between Literary Criticism/the Science of Literature and Text Linguis­tics. Natural Text Processing is an interdisciplinary operating module that describes, analyses, explains and evaluates texts. From a chronological perspective, literary criticism is the last discipline of the module and text linguistics plays the role of Grundlagenwissenschaft. In the field of text linguistics, J. S. Petőfi, by combining dif­ferent types of logical systems, has advanced the most complete theory, one which constitutes the convergence between the two areas of research on natural language, analytic philosophy and phenomenology. Thanks to Semiotic Textology, disambigu­ated representations of a text are produced that render the textual analyses highly explicit and discussable, and an optimum theoretical framework is established within which philologists can develop a method of analysis that takes all relevant semiotic aspects into consideration.