Salvatore Alessandro Scibetta:
Theoretical core of Semiotic Textology. A review of the main theoretical aspects of János Sándor Petőfi’s theory

This article provides a review of some of the fundamental theoretical aspects of Semiotic Textology, the theory developed by the Hungarian linguist János Sándor Petőfi. This will be done through the analysis of the way in which some key issues of text research are dealt with and resolved within this theory. There are three key issues: 1) the concept of ‘sign’; 2) the concept of ‘interpretation’; 3) the interdisciplinary framework. Through the analysis of some figures compiled by Petőfi the role of these key issues within Semiotic Textology is explained. The overall intention of this article, on the one hand, is to bring out the specific theoretical issues considered as essential; on the other hand, to evaluate the theory in the field of the other disciplines that deal with texts.

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